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From "Michael Jouravlev" <>
Subject Re: Towards a stable 1.3 release
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2006 17:29:58 GMT
On 3/31/06, Ted Husted <> wrote:
> I don't even know that we need a 1.3.1 build yet.

1.3.1 has EventActionDispatcher while 1.3.0 doesn't. I don't know
about other features. This may cause misunderstanding during upgrade,
since 1.2.9 contains EventActionDispatcher as well so 1.3.0 would have
a "hole". Why don't you either add EventActionDispatcher into 1.3.0,
or skip 1.3.0 altogether and move on to 1.3.1.

Also, please consider FormDef as part of core distro. It is pretty
slick and nicely written piece of code. It should not take a lot of
effort to rename packages and to include it into standard distro.
Reformatting the docs also should be simple, Hubert wrote very concise

Having waiting this long, new Struts release should be significantly
different (as in: better) than previous ones, and not only internally.
13 months *is* long. The fact that 1.3 is being released with about
the same interval as prior versions is the reason for talking about
stagnation (I don't want to start this flame war again, I just say
what I see from where I stand). Struts has been good to me and I found
ways to work around it shortcomings, but not everyone is that patient.

My feeling is that aside of technology purists when people say "Struts
sucks" they often mean how Struts handles input data type
conversion/validation and how it preserves (or not) entered values
between requests. Considering that more and more Struts users discover
niceties of dynabeans, FormDef comes as missing element of the
picture. For some users it can be a bigger reason for upgrade to 1.3
than internal changes in request processor.

There is another related product, StrutsLive! . I think it is
Apache-licensed so you may want to take a look. It seems like a
comprehensive solution, but looks heavier than Hubert's and I am not
sure is it really better (and how much better) to warrant its
inclusion into Struts. I prefer to have things as simple as possible


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