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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: Next steps for Action 1.3.1 (was Re: Reasons for 1.3 release)
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 18:09:53 GMT
On 2/20/06, Wolfgang Gehner <> wrote:
> Struts has a long history of betas being used in production (I remember
> very large sites using 1.1b3 (or was it b2) in production, without me
> telling them to).

Yes, that's true. I was using a Struts 1.0 beta in production for a
large site months before we shipped the Struts 1.0 final release. The
whole reason why I was involved in Struts was to use it on that site,
and I wasn't going to let the "beta" moniker stop me!

The "me first" tradition goes back to the Apache HTTPD team. The acid
test for an Apache HTTPD release has always been whether it can handle
the site. There's an old Apache HTTPD guideline (not a
rule, but a suggestion) that a +1 vote isn't really binding *UNLESS*
you are using the beta in production!

The ASF strategy for success has always been that we eat our own dog
food, and I doubt that will ever change. After all, if the Committers
are not using a build in production, how can we expect anyone else to
trust it? We have always been our own first users.

It's true that we decide to put a build into production, it would be
better to use a tagged build than one of the nightlies. But, the
Struts 1.3 code has been cooking for about 18 months now, and some of
us didn't want to wait that long. And neither should we. Now that
we've streamlined the releases and release process, perhaps we can tag
the builds more often.

-- HTH, Ted.

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