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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Confirm the Struts Action Library 1.3.0 release plan
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 17:53:51 GMT
Did we tag current for the Struts-Shale_1.0.0 and
Struts-Scripting_1.0.0 releases?

For the Action Library, right now, I'm only planning to post the JARs
(including external dependencies), which are all self-tagged for the
appropriate release.

Conceptually, I'm thinking of the Library as the set of Struts GA
releases that are dependant on Action and work with a given Action GA.
(So, technically, right now, that's a null set, since we have no GA
releases, but we should at least prime the pump. )

In the future, if we wanted to a tag for that set, we might have to
use a "working copy" tag, since it probably would not be a tag against
the HEAD, but against some GA tag for each of the different
subprojects. It would be a mix of revisions.


Though, the Action Library release manager would not need to obtain
the set of source file as a matter of course. No more than we need to
obtain the source for a Commons JAR. The release manager for an Action
Library would only need to test the JARs already decreed GA, the same
as we do for Commons JARs.

My question would be whether we are going to expect an Action Library
release manager to go through the work of making a complex tag?

If someone wants to check-out the Struts source for each of the JARs
and create the tag, that's great, and it would be a good idea to have
a cannonical place to put such a tag. But being a release manager is
hard enough without making work. If someone needs the set, the set is
obtainable. If we need it, then we can create it when we need it, and
save it somewhere so someone doesn't need to create it again. But
creating it up front seems like busy-work.


On 2/17/06, Wendy Smoak <> wrote:
> On 2/17/06, James Mitchell <> wrote:
> > Did we tag every subproject?  Including 'current'?  Maybe I just
> > missed it.
> I didn't see a tag for current... but there is no trunk/branches/tags
> directory structure there, either.
> It seems to me that we need a tag for (something like)
> ACTION-LIB_1.3_00, so you can grab all the "right" versions of the
> sub-projects that go with a particular library distribution.  These
> are the ones we've tested to make sure they work together.  I'm just
> not sure where to put it.  What about in struts/action/tags or just
> struts/tags ?  Current doesn't seem like the right place, no one would
> go looking in "current" for an old release.

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