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From Paul Benedict <>
Subject Re: Reasons for 1.3 release
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 13:48:11 GMT
>>This is what I meant when I said earlier (in this thread) that I don't have any Action
in my 1.3 app. I don't need 'em any more, even just to invoke a chain.

If this is the future direction of Struts, then it's pretty foolhardy to call it the "action
framework"? Call it the chain framework, but that sounds pretty lousy ;-)

And this goes back to the heart of my problem with Struts 1.3 vs. WebWork vs. Struts 2.0.
You want
to be able to plug into the request processor, which is a CoR pattern, but not directly connect
the request processor to business logic. If you want to do chains for your business logic,
should begin in an action.

I think the whole <action chain=""> is good since you can customize the end of the request
processor, so to speak, but I believe an action MUST be mandatory. It should be bad programming
practice not to have an Action which is the end point of each request -- or it is NOT the
framework anymore. Call it the "historical action framework" or the "chain framework" to match
visionaries of the framework. You guys are the commiters, so if you are not going to use actions,
then the name does not represent the intentions of the thought leaders of this project, and
product's final destination.


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