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From Paul Benedict <>
Subject Re: Reasons for 1.3 release
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2006 23:00:03 GMT
>>I think CoR is a great pattern, I've used it with great success, but I'm
not as sure how it fits into Struts *outside* the composable RP, which is
a *perfect* application for it.  Just curious how you (and/or others) are
already using it.

This is my opinion too. I think the CoR is made for the Struts internal processing only but
people are testing it out, as Ted said and Martin admitted to, as an end point for action
>From my perspective, it's clear what the intention of CoR is by its design and use, but
since it
was never explicitly spelled out how it is used in Struts, I have to defer to other opinions
But unless I am wrong, I think it's strongly geared towards the RP and not actions.

That's why I said, ActionContext should be InternalActionContext. If Struts 1.4+ is going
to have
actions without a subclass or interface, you want a method signature like: public void
execute(ActionContext cxt);


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