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From Paul Benedict <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Confirm the Struts Action Library 1.3.0 release plan
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 23:32:08 GMT
  I have some concerns about the Struts 1.3 branch.
  First, I noticed the 1.3 API docs are built using Java 5. Is 1.3 Java 5  compliant? I didn't
think this was the case so please make sure those  are being built with the right compiler.
If you go to this link, you  will notice the Map interface is using the Java 5 templates:
  Second, please do some further thinking about the name ActionContext. I  just got my WebWork
book and am reading it, and I have some preliminary  ideas how we can wrap the 1.x branch
to use POJO Action classes that do  not require an interface or subclass. But this would of
course require  the ActionContext to be passed in so all the necessary input and output  data
can be used.
  But I noticed the ActionContext is mainly for the request processor and  looks like it contains
TOO much data that would never be exposed to an  action class to use. I understand this. But
WebWork has an  ActionContext class too and I think it would be very smart of us to  rename
the current ActionContext class to something like  InternalActionContext so we do not use
up this name. For once we  release in 1.3, the name is pretty much stuck. 
  I recommend we reserve "ActionContext" for the future, to contain the  context we would
actually want to expose to a future Action  implementation.

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