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From niallp <>
Subject Re: Non-discussion emails
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2006 20:21:58 GMT
Committers obviously need to have oversight of everything - wiki, bugs, commits and posted
messages, but thats a limited number of us and easy to ensure that we're fully subscribed
up to everything.

For other community members Jive is excellent and I think this is a great addition to support
community participation. People who don't want to be permanently subscribed and receieve all
the emails can pop in and out posting on an adhoc basis.

> I offer two suggestions, either is perfectly fine
> with me. Any other suggestions that provide more
> alternatives are also of course welcome:
> 1) Why not create a simple web-based form to manage
> all the lists. By default, all 5, 6, or 7 lists are
> checked when the user clicks the "subscribe" button,
> but each list can be independently subscribed and
> unsubscribed. You can even set the Reply-To header
> for some of the lists (bugs, wiki, etc) to point back
> to the dev@ list.
> and/or
> 2) Using a Forums-based approach and different
> mailing lists for each type of content (wiki@, dev@,
> bug@, etc), create a single Struts category with
> several sub-forms that sync to the lists. Now users
> can search the Struts category and get a unified
> archive.
> Thoughts? I understand that this does involve some
> work, and for those of you who are quite happy with
> how things are now, it may seem like a waste of time.
> As such, I'm more than willing to do the actual work
> for any proposed solution.

I like both these ideas +1 from me.


> Patrick
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