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From "" <>
Subject Help adding Struts to AJAX impl
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2006 18:27:17 GMT
Hello fellow developers,

I am new to your list. I have enjoyed using Struts for about 3 years now. I
have searched the dev archive concerning my current task and I am not sure how
to word my query. I am coming up with a lot of results labeled as a commit to
your code base.

I have an AJAX implementation at and I want to build
support for Struts into the API. In a nutshell I need to find a factory class
in Struts that will allow me to obtain the current configuration so that I can
allow my users to pass an appropriate ActionMapping at runtime. Below is the
basic layout of the process. For more details about how xoscript works visit
the getting started and how it works links from the site above.

A UerDefinedClass calls a UerDefinedActionClass.execute passing request and
response obtained from the AJAX API. The user will also need to pass an
ActionMapping and an ActionForm to the execute method. I am trying to find a
way to get to this line in ActionServlet but I can not violate the
getServletContext from one servlet to another. The over all concern is that I
am trying to keep my OutputStream from the response formatted in a certain way
and I can not just forward the request to the ActionServlet.

ModuleUtils.getInstance().selectModule(request, getServletContext());
       ModuleConfig config = getModuleConfig(request);

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Bryan LaPlante

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