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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Re: [shale] Remote Method Calls
Date Fri, 23 Dec 2005 19:13:13 GMT
On 12/23/05, netsql <> wrote:
> One nice thing about Struts and Spring is that *everyone* knows how to
> start examining and working on the application.
> Just go to the config.xml!
> It tells you where to start and what gets called and I can open it and
> start there. Once you get rid of a config .xml, there is no guide to the
> application, I have to look at packages and code, etc. and I have at
> times re-written things because it was faster than trying to figure out
> what they guy before me did. A guide that requires documentation.

There is definitely a value to configuration files ... indeed, when Struts
first started using XML for configuration this was considered a huge
positive, for the reasons Vic lists :-).  It's only nowdays that XML config
is out of fashion.

That being said, there is a competing school of thought that revolves around
the idea of just building the actual logic of your application, and let the
framework figure out how to wire everything together.  For a framework to be
popular today (versus five years ago when Struts was working towards a
1.0release), it needs to recognize this desire.

2ndorily, CoR is a huge feature, developing a library of reusable
> "action brick" that can be mixed and matched. So you can use them in
> other configurations an contexts. Plus digester type features to ...
> "inject". Like to use the commands w/ WS, etc.
> -1

Even if this proposal gets implemented, and even if it meant removing the
existing built-in support for executing a Commons Chain command mapped to a
URL, nothing stops you from using CoR yourself.  It's a few lines of code to
set up an action method that does what the current implementation does.
Indeed, the existing code from ShaleApplicationFilter.doFilter() does
exactly what you'd need to do -- it would just need to be recast into an
action method instead of as a Filter.



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