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From Ryan Wynn <>
Subject Re: [shale] Tomahawk in Clay pure html
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2005 19:28:40 GMT
I have had success using most of the tomahawk components including
tree2.  The only tricky part is that some times the attribute names on
the UIComponents are not the same as the attribute names on the jsp
tag.  In which case the tomahawk jsp tags are doing the conversion.

Here's what I have for tree2

	<component jsfid="t:tree2"
			<set name="value" bindingType="VB" />
			<set name="var" bindingType="VB" />
			<set name="varNodeToggler" bindingType="VB" />
			<set name="showNav" bindingType="VB" />
			<set name="showLines" bindingType="VB" />
			<set name="clientSideToggle" bindingType="VB" />
			<set name="showRootNode" bindingType="VB" />
			<set name="preserveToggle" bindingType="VB" />
			<set name="javascriptLocation" bindingType="VB" />
			<set name="imageLocation" bindingType="VB" />
			<set name="styleLocation" bindingType="VB" />
			<set name="id" bindingType="VB" />
			<set name="rendered" bindingType="VB" />
			<set name="binding" bindingType="VB" />
			<set name="org.apache.myfaces.tree2.CLIENT_SIDE_TOGGLE"
				bindingType="VB" />
			<set name="org.apache.myfaces.tree2.PRESERVE_TOGGLE"
				bindingType="VB" />

You will notice what I am talking about with the attributes names by
the long winded names for the toggle attributes.  This has been
discussed on the mailing lists before because the awkwardness also
applies to facelets or any view technology that bypasses the tags. 
Hopefully the names will become simpler in the future.
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