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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: [OT] IDE Haters (Was Re: Logging in MailReader 1.3)
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 18:14:10 GMT
Martin Cooper wrote:
> My turn to date myself, along with Frank. ;-)

No wories, we're not women :)  (Oh boy, I think I see Wendy getting 
ready to fire off a reply - LOL!)

> In my first programming job, I wrote my code on coding sheets. When I 
> was done, those would go to a data entry group, who would type the code 
> on to punched cards. Then the cards would go to the sysops, who would 
> schedule the job. When the job completed, usually the next day, I would 
> get a pile of paper back. That edit /compile cycle alone taught me to be 
> very, very careful and deliberate when I write my code.

Ok, you beat me :)  I only go back as far as a teletype connected to a 
VAX box... still, I did have to submit jobs for compilation and 
execution, but the wait time was only a few minutes, depending on the load.

It's funny... a guy that was with my company for I believe 40+ years 
just left, and he was always telling me the same kinds of stories... how 
he could tell how much the mainframe was working by putting an egg on it 
and seeing if it cooked, etc.  On his way out the door he handed me an 
old tape real *with* the write-protect ring :) (I collect old computer 
gear, that's definitely the oldest!)

> I won't say I never use a debugger, but it's been very rare, at least 
> since I started working in Java. In my C++ days, I used to spend many 
> hours in a debugger - often finding the hairy problems by reading 
> through generated assembly code rather than the C++ code itself. But 
> somehow in Java I haven't had the same need.

That's the interetsing thing... I do a lot of C coding for PocketPC, and 
I don't think I could live without a debugger there.  Interesting.

> Or maybe I'll claim that I use a UDE - CodeWright's tag line used to be 
> "The Universal Development Environment". ;-) Like UltraEdit, it's 
> customisable up the wazoo. Sadly, it was acquired by Borland not so long 
> ago, so I fully expect that it will go away soon, as have all of the 
> other independent tools I used to use that were acquired by Borland. ;-(

Really?  UltraEdit was bought by Borland?  Or did you mean CodeWright?


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