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From Rich Feit <>
Subject Struts Ti / JSF sample
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 08:32:36 GMT
Hi all,

I've added a patch 
( for a sample 
that demonstrates using JSF as the view layer for a Ti app.  It's a 
straight port of the Beehive/JSF sample.  It doesn't necessarily show 
off JSF (or JSF best practices), but it does demonstrate the integration 
(e.g., JSF pages raising actions in Ti).

Our samples do beg the question(s):
    - Should we be building a 'normal' webapp for each one, including an 
ant script that will build the app?  Something to put into our distribution.
    - Should we use maven to build the samples .wars only for internal 
testing and perhaps for publishing the samples to a live site?

I think we shouldn't require our users to have maven in order to build 
*projects* (not our source tree).  Is that reasonable, or am I living in 
the past?

James - let me know if this blows up your maven structure in any way.  
It seems to work, but I'm not trying to do anything from the top level.


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