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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Re: Struts taglib docs
Date Sun, 04 Sep 2005 06:28:11 GMT
From: "Laurie Harper" <>

> Wendy, IIRC you were working on getting the taglib documentation included
> in the TLD files, which would facilitate the use of TldDoc. Is that done
> in trunk and, if so, what do I need to do to build a set of TLDs ready to
> feed to TldDoc (or, what do I need to do to get TldDoc-generated taglib
> docs, if that's already supported by the Maven build)?

It's done struts-taglib.  I think there are tlds in both tiles and el that
still need work.

Maven is already generating both Taglibdoc and Taglib Reference pages, both
of which you can see on the test site.  (Taglibdoc is in the list of
reports, Taglib Reference is linked at the top of the left-hand menu.)

To create it locally, from /struts/current/taglib, execute 'maven site' to
build just the taglib website.  (Or 'maven multiproject:site' from
/struts/current/build if you want the whole thing.)  And make sure you have
the latest version of the taglib plugin, the author made some changes
recently and released a new version.

The tlds themselves live in taglib/src/tld.

> Once I get that, I have a Mozilla sidebar ready to go that will provide
> easy navigation of the Javadoc and taglib documentation for Struts

Sounds interesting!

Note that the Javadoc will move when the new site is published... rather
than being under it's split up by sub-project.
There's a page with links to each set to make it a little easier:
(Otherwise you have to go hunting under Project Documentation->Project
Reports->Javadocs for each sub-project.)

> If you didn't get to this yet but can tell me what needs doing, I'll have
> a go at providing it. I really want to release my sidebar ;-)

I think I used a combination of the existing xsl that used to produce the
tld from xml files (look in taglib/doc/stylesheets) and the Maven taglib
plugin to convert from JSP 1.1 to 1.2 tlds.  Then a bunch of
search-and-replace to add CDATA around the markup.  If you have time to fix
the remaining tlds, that would be great!


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