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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Re: Maven remote repositories and SNAPSHOT (was New Validator 1.2.0-dev dependency)
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 13:21:55 GMT
From: "Ted Husted" <>

> I'm not clear on where we stand with the alternate repositories.
> Do I need to make local changes to my setup to get Struts Classic or
> Struts Shale to build.

You shouldn't.  Any additional repositories should be added to 
'maven.repo.remote' in the '' for that sub-project.

> Right now, Maven is refusing to build Struts Classic for me when I run
> it from site/build.
> It says the build is successful, but nothing actually happens.

The 'build-all' goal is usually run from the /struts/current/build.  You're 
one level down, in the svn external under 'site', so the relative directory 
structure doesn't look right.

(The 'build-all' goal might work from any sub-project... I haven't tried it 
elsewhere.  And 'multiproject:site' needs to be run from 
/struts/current/site to get the correct directory structure.)

> When I try the instructions from the Shale Maven thread, many of the
> unreleased JARS (the snapshots, I guess) are not downloaded.

Can you post a build log?  I just checked out struts/shale/trunk/ to a temp 
directory and
   $ maven build-all
worked fine.  There's only one SNAPSHOT dependency, on Tiles.  If it's 
failing because of dependencies, it should be printing out messages.

Wendy Smoak 

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