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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject JavaOne Web Framework Smackdown (was: Re: [ot][shale] How did JavaOne go?)
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2005 17:54:56 GMT
At 10:31 AM -0700 7/6/05, Craig McClanahan wrote:
>While you're grabbing sessions, you'll also enjoy the "Web Application
>Framework Smackdown" (later on Wednesday afternoon), where David
>represented Shale on stage (along with reps for JSF, WebWork,
>Tapestry, and Echo).  Hands down the most entertaining JavaOne session
>I've been to in my six years of going.  (PS:  more than a few people
>told me that they figured Struts 1.x won, despite not being on stage
>at all :-).

Interesting; a friend told me that Struts took quite a bit of dissing 
in the smackdown, but maybe setting it up with a title like that 
makes such a result inevitable.  (Craig, he was also quite impressed 
by your Shale presentation ;-)

Anyway, he didn't give me such a clear impression that Struts "won", 
but then, I don't suppose winning is the point.  As I told him, I am 
happy to learn everything I can from other frameworks to make Struts 

Does anyone else have reports from that session, or care to point out 
any lessons we should learn?


Joe Germuska       
"Narrow minds are weapons made for mass destruction"  -The Ex

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