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From Manfred Klug <>
Subject Re: [shale][clay] Component attributes overriding. Proposals
Date Sun, 24 Jul 2005 11:33:21 GMT

Re: [shale][clay] Component attributes overriding. Proposals

>>> [snip] 
>>> I would prefer to see the html attributes always override the xml 
>>> definitions. I say that because it favors the web designer 
>>> instead of the developer. 
>>> However, this new proposed attribute (allowOverriding="false") would give 
>>> the developer the final decision. 
>> The same as with my solution. The developer provides a value or not. 
> This is a bit off tangent to this discussion but I thought it would be worth 

Maybe :(

> bringing up in the context of creating solutions that promote reuse.
> We have a half baked CMS where I work. It provides a way to apply 
> customizations/overrides to a hierarchy horizontally verses the traditional 
> vertical OO approach. This works very well for customizing sites for various 
> customers because all pages include the same component. The customizations 
> ("generalization relationships") are applied to a hierarchical structure verses 
> a new hierarchy created for each new component. 
> This is also something we might consider for Clay. Since the jsfid's are not a 
> dynamic attribute, it makes it hard to introduce customizations without 
> creating a new page that references another component. It might be interesting 
> to think about applying "overrides" to an existing tree. 
> I see the HTML override to the XML as a similar concept.

I'm not against the setting of attributes via HTML. I only think that the
developer should always have the last word about an attribute value.

An example:

The designer should decide which colors should be used. The simple solution is
that the developer don't specify colors.

On the other hand, there may be a requirement that the colors must be specified
in a property file (for easy customization). In this case, the developer
encodes the values and the specifications from the designer are ignored.

Don't forget the following:

The html designer possibly has no knowledge about JSF or the application
requirements. He set attributes because they produce a nice look and feel.

It's the responsibility of the developer to
  - decide which components should be used
  - configure the components to resemble the design as close as possible
  - configure the components to behave correctly in the context of the
  - support multi language environments (which may require layout changes)
  - support dynamic customization requirements (via user profiles)
  - many many more

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