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Subject Re: [shale] Rolodex example
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 14:07:44 GMT
Hi Wendy,

> There's a small problem with the Banister's Custom Wrough[t] Iron entry in 
> the Rolodex example.  Clicking on that entry doesn't do anything, which I 
> think has to do with the apostrophe in the name making the single quotes 
> unbalanced:
> onclick="document.forms['_id0']['_id0:_idcl'].value='_id0:contacts:_id72:1:_id74
> ';document.forms['_id0']['selectedName'].value='Banister's 
> Custom Wrough Iron'; document.forms['_id0'].submit(); return false;"

I created a bugzilla ticket yesterday with this patch included:

As you stated the problem was that the commandLink parameter value contained an apostrophe.
The solution I proposed was to populate the parameter value using a encoded name.  I found
that I also had to decode the name parameter after pulling it from the request in the view
controller callback.  

This bugzilla ticket also features using tapestry like views.  The "rolodex" usecase example
now shows the three forms of composition in Clay:
1)	Runtime - builds the tabs from model data
2)	XML - contacts list, foreign address panel and command buttons
3)	HTML -  local address panel 

Thanks for your feedback!


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> Wendy Smoak 
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