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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: proposal : weekly / snapshot / milestone builds
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2005 22:46:04 GMT
On 6/3/05, Nicolas De Loof <> wrote:
> Eclipse uses "Milestones" to drop technology preview and get users
> feedback. It would be great to get such previews from struts dev team.
> This could simply consist on marking a nightly as "struts-1.3.0-Mx" when
> any commiter consider it to include significant updates.

The real problem is not systemic. As others have mentioned, we can
release milestones as  often as we like. Each non-nightly build uses a
three part integer. When someone is ready, we can roll a 1.3.0
milestone build, and then decide on the build's quality:
test/milestone, alpha, beta, or General Release. Regardless of what
happens with that milestone, we can go on to roll a 1.3.1 milestone
build, whenever anyone is ready.

The problem is this: Despite being the world's most popular Java web
application framework, we have zero full-time Struts developers on the
team. Each and every one of us has another full-time job. All we have
to devote to Struts is whatever volunteer hours we can squeeze in
between work and family. So things are moving very, very slowly.

If there are any realistic and pragmatic project managers out there
eager to use a stable Struts 1.3.x release, then I'd suggest tasking
some able bodies to pitch in and help out.


Otherwise, the milestones will continue to come in dribs and drabs, as
they do now.

Many Apache projects have developers on the team who work on the
project as part of their daytime job. But, oddly, not Struts.  :?


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