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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: How about including Struts controls/dialogs library into core Struts?
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 04:41:32 GMT
Hi Michael,

I took a peek at your sample page, specifically the Dialog Action 
sample... It says:

"Enter an invalid login/password combination, then enter a valid 
combination. You will be transferred to user home page. Return back from 
the home page and notice that you see a stale login page with invalid 
login information and with error message."

This is not what happens for me... I entered invalid info, got the error 
message, then entered guest/guest and got to the "home" page.  When I 
clicked the back button, I was on the login screen with no error message 
and guest/guest in the textboxes.  My interpretation of what it states 
should happen seems to differ from what does happen.  Am I misreading it?

One general comment... you've posted about this a number of times, and 
I've glanced at it at least a few of those times... I still do not see 
what all this added complexity gets me.  It might just be me not getting 
it, but I wonder if I am the only one?


Michael Jouravlev wrote:
> Yep, it is me again. Third email in two hours. I finished about 80% of
> code and about 40% of docs (tutorials + javadocs) for Struts Dialogs
> project. It is not finalized yet, but is taking shape. Thus, I want to
> test waters to include dialog functionality into Struts core,
> preferably into 1.3.
> First, live demos. 
> * the main demo page: which
> contains some noteworthy samples, like:
> * Login web control, which has two states: "not logged in" and "logged
> in" and two corresponding pages:
> * Master JSP page containing child web control:
> The login/userinfo cell in the top-left is the same web control as in
> prior example, it differs only in page design and in View location.
> Note, that you submit login info into a separate action, not into one
> which is displayed in the address bar.
> * Wizard:
> You probably saw it before, but now it is nicely integrated into
> Struts Dialogs.
> I would like you guys to check out the live examples and to consider
> the feasibility of including this stuff (possibly, with changes and
> updates) into Struts core.
> The reason is that Struts is a controller framework. Check the
> packages: actions, taglibs, tiles and validator. The latter two
> pachages are not used by every Struts user. Taglibs? Aren't they
> obsolete, now when JSTL is available? So, average Struts developer is
> left with actions and config. All other frameworks, even Spring, which
> is not very strong in UI, have UI layer. Many of them have
> business/persistence integration layer and other good stuff.
> I think that adding some UI classes into Struts would be a good thing.
> Classes that I developed, pick up where DispatchAction left, and move
> on almost to JSF-like integration with business objects and with
> server-side viewstate, but without JSF tags.
> Currently the following actions are available:
> * SelectAction - improved DispatchAction, works with pushbuttons and
> image buttons.
> * DialogAction - implements two-phase input processing aka
> Post-redirect-Get. Manages error messages, allows to reload pages
> without implicit resubmit.
> * CRUDAction - all CRUD operations in one action and one interface.
> * WizardAction - allows to create robust web wizards
> Also, as you might see from master/child example, it is very easy to
> create a componentized page with child controls, and you don't even
> need Porlet API for it! Granted, this component application would not
> have extensive API, but is it really needed? In most cases all one
> needs is to drop control onto page and to have it rendered when page
> is rendered. Data exchange is possible through session object.
> Project homepage (not classes are described yet):
> I want to initiate some traction, while I am finishing with
> documentation and with final touches on the code.
> Hoping for positive replies ;-)
> Michael.
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Frank W. Zammetti
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