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From fernando <>
Subject sunone 6.1 sp03
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 06:54:04 GMT

We are proving struts in webserver SUNONE 6.1 SP03

We download the "struts-examples" from struts home page.

We try this example in netbeans and it works fine.

Now, we make a .war archive, and install in SUNONE 6.1 SP03, and we have this 

1) If we go to http:/machine:port/https-agenda/ejemplo5, we have this problem

[29/Apr/2005:12:23:58] warning (22906): for host trying to 
GET /https-agenda/ejemplo5/, send-file repor
ts: HTTP4142: can't find /export/home/pdvoz/PDVOZ/WEB/https-
agenda/webapps/https-agenda/ejemplo5/ (File not found)

2) If we try http:/machine:port/https-agenda/ejemplo5/welcome.jsp, we have this 

[29/Apr/2005:12:24:02] failure (22906): for host trying to 
GET /https-agenda/ejemplo5/welcome.jsp, service-j2ee reports: 
StandardWrapperValve[jsp]: WEB2792: Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw 
exception org.apache.jasper.JasperException: WEB4059: can't find /tags/struts-
html (File not found)

In the startup, we have not any problem:

[29/Apr/2005:12:23:23] info (22905): CORE1116: Sun ONE Web Server 6.1SP3 
B08/17/2004 18:33
[29/Apr/2005:12:23:23] info (22906): CORE5076: Using [Java HotSpot(TM) Server 
VM, Version 1.4.2_06] from [Sun Microsystems Inc.]
[29/Apr/2005:12:23:25] info (22906): WEB0100: Loading web module in virtual 
server [https-agenda] at [/ejemplo5]
[29/Apr/2005:12:23:25] info (22906): WEB0100: Loading web module in virtual 
server [https-agenda] at [/search]
[29/Apr/2005:12:23:43] info (22906): Loading validation rules file from '/WEB-
[29/Apr/2005:12:23:43] info (22906): Loading validation rules file from '/WEB-
[29/Apr/2005:12:23:45] info (22906): HTTP3072: [LS ls1] http://agenda:18080 
ready to accept requests
[29/Apr/2005:12:23:45] info (22906): CORE3274: successful server startup

We have not touch any source file nor configuration file. 

Any idea?

Thank you very much



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