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From Michael Jouravlev <>
Subject Re: LookupDispatchAction question
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 15:58:09 GMT
If it is acceptable for you to specify input property in the action,
then you can forgo this property altogether. You need it only for
automatic error display. When input property is set, and validate is
set to true, and your validation method returns errors, Struts queues
errors into request object and forwards to your input path, without
calling action class.

Instead, you can do validation from the action class, and then
depending on result or on something else, you can forward to a needed
location. You can specify a whole bunch of them, be they input or not,
in your <forward> element.

You can also build new ActionForward object dynamically. Struts does
not allow to change static ActionForward objects, as you already


On 5/4/05, Tom Viers <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using a LookupDispatchAction to consolidate CRUD actions for a
> particular element in my application.
> As far a I can tell, only one input can be specified for this lookup
> action.
> Is there a way to dynamically specify the input forward based on which
> action method was dispatched?
> I have tried calling setInput() on the mapping, but an
> IllegalStateException is thrown "Configuration is frozen".
> Thanks in advance for the help,
> Tom
> Tom Viers
> PICA Programming Team
> ext 2148
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