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Subject Re: [Struts Wiki] Update of "StrutsShale" by CraigMcClanahan
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 16:55:45 GMT

> If you'd like to see what an application user has to do to leverage
> the "dialog" facility of Shale (similar in spirit to Spring WebFlow,
> but customized for tight integration with JSF), see the package
> documentation for the "org.apache.shale.usecases.profile" package in
> the Shale Use Cases example app.

I was looking at the new logon usecase that uses the new Dialog facility.  It looks very interesting.

It appears that all of navigation rules are handled by the dialog controller so that you define
them once in the dialog configuration which supersedes the faces navigation rules - nice that
you only have to define it in one place.
It looks like the dialog navigation handler intercepts certain requests based on a prefix
mapping.  However, the JSP commandButton action attributes seems to have action binding to
the view controller.  

Are these action methods fired on the ViewController or intercepted by the dialog navigation
handler? What’s the glue between views that participate in a managed dialog verses those that

> Craig


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