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From Vic <>
Subject Re: Blank Questions
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2005 20:44:03 GMT
I read this:

Step 1 is to create a sample project with one or 2 actions. I will start 
on this (on the weekends) if no one else has an itch. (I'd rather work 
on jdnc/sadra but I will help for old time sake: )
spec: struts 1.3 + serlvet 2.4, log4j1.3 ('cuase its a bit faster), 
DynaMap as formModel + populate() method, no tiles?, DTO will be 
Collections, fake DAO will be a factory (that is a big Spring plus that 
it comes w/ one so people can relace impl), JSTL, Displaytag and put it 
on, jUnit, ant, user chain, and just a list of "items" you click 
to edit. I will make some effort to make user chain somewhat compatible 
w/ Shale if possible/easy.
If something above strikes you as very odd, it could save time to know.

Step 1.5 is for people to agree that it does not have many bad parctices 
and modify Victorisams. (As I said, no Struts projects out there are 
alike, and I think that a plus)

Then step 2 is to make it more generic with $templates tags. That just 
means figuring out  megg syntax.

(in general I advocate creating html mock ups; then a prototype specific 
to mock up, then "form model".... not start coding utill later. When I 
see problems on a proejct, its not becuase they laid it out wrong.)

So unless pinged otherwise, I will post itermitent builds on


Vic wrote:

>> If anyone wants (Vic et al), we can submit a patch to the Maven team 
>> for a "best practices" template.  Perhaps one for 1.2.4, and one for 
>> 1.3.x.

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