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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: Ant or Maven (Pick one please)
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2005 14:15:02 GMT
At 7:14 AM -0500 2/23/05, James Mitchell wrote:
>I don't think that's what Joe was saying.
>Unless I'm mistaken, he means that the javadoc-like docs are 
>generated from the actual TLDs.
>So, instead of this:
>             ,-> struts-*.html
>             '-> struts-*.tld
>...he means this:
>struts-*.tld -> struts-*.html (javadoc-like format)
>These javadoc-like docs would be directly linked as part of the documentation.
>Is this right Joe?

It's true; the javadoc-like docs are generated from TLDs using 

So only one file (per tag library) would be maintained: it's just 
that rather than it being a source for TLDs, which could also be used 
to produce documentation, it would *be* the TLD.  So rather than 
having one Struts-custom XML file used to generate two documents, 
we'd have one standard TLD file used to generate (through a 
potentially more "standard" library) tag documentation.

Besides some formatting, the language should be identical to what we 
currently have on the userGuide pages.

I wouldn't say I'm "lobbying" for this, but I do like the idea of one 
less transformation.  I mostly just wanted to see how it worked; I'd 
been using Sun's online JSTL 1.1 doc (generated with the same tool) 
for a while but hadn't generated my own.

Joe Germuska
"Narrow minds are weapons made for mass destruction"  -The Ex

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