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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Repository Reorg and Nightly Builds
Date Sat, 29 Jan 2005 19:11:11 GMT
Since one of the goals of the repository reorg is to allow us to
create separate artifacts, it would seem appropriate to me that we
should also move towards creating separate nightly builds for each
artifact as well, both so people can get used to the new approach and
also to help us verify the actual contents of each package.  Does that
sound like a reasonable goal?

If so, the simplest way to get there would probably be a build.xml
file in the top level directory of each of our main subdirectories
(apps,bsf,core,el,faces,sandbox,shale,taglib,tiles) that includes
"clean" and "dist" targets that can be used by the build script to
create the artifacts for that subdirectory, that could then be
uploaded.  Looking at the current progress on the reorg, we're not too
far from this situation already.

On the server, I would also propose that we set up a subdirectory
structure that corresponds to our main source directories, under the
canonical base directory
(  The server already
has a cron job that cleans out files over 5 days old, so we don't need
to do anything special about that.

Finally, I've got a suggestion for the actual packaging -- include the
sources and binaries in the same zip or tar.gz archive, instead of
uploading them separately.  Since we're an open source project :-), we
should be encouraging people to take advantage of having the source
code available.  Several of the existing nightly builds (the ones I've
done in faces and shale) already do this, and it seems like the result
is more useful together than separately (where you run the risk of
getting one and forgetting to get the other).



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