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From Dakota Jack <>
Subject Coupling, Struts and JSF
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 14:33:43 GMT

I have been trying, again, to understand your position on Shale.  In
the wiki, you say "[y]et in Struts 1.x, for example, the setup logic
and processing logic end up in two different Actions, requiring
multiple action mappings".  Could you expand on this a bit,
remembering, if you would, that I am not a novice.  I have not run
into a problem here and wonder what you are talking about in concrete
terms.  I personally do not run into this problem and am
philosophically counter to the idea that coupling can be good.  I am
pretty "knee jerk" in favor of decoupling where possible.  This is one
of the main reasons I have difficulty with JSF.  I really am contrary
to the coupling.



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