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From BaTien Duong <>
Subject Re: "Use Cases" Example Webapp for the Shale proposal
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 20:39:53 GMT
Hello Craig:

Thanks for the insight. I have been working with Struts since your 
beginning in the 2nd half of 2000. I aggree with your technology 
assessment and just concentrate on getting the job done.


Craig McClanahan wrote:

>On Tue, 04 Jan 2005 09:48:32 -0700, BaTien Duong
><> wrote:
>>Hello Craig:
>>Good work. Thanks for your effort. We always wish to have more than 24
>>hours a day. I wish to have some spare time to get back to this.
>>One quick question about the framework: What is the appropriate tool to
>>use for configuration in different tiers? I thought Jsf is appropriate
>>in the presentation tier. The business tier and integration tier can
>>live in different servers separate from the server of the presentation
>>tier. (I currently use Spring IoC for the configuration of these tiers).
>>>From a glance at your javadoc, you make Jsf as *the* configuration tool
>>for DAO layer. Should it be appropriate to use chain of request/response
>>framework to connect the tiers?
>As with the original design of Struts, I tried not to impose these
>decisions on the application developer -- you can choose your favorite
>techniques.  However, it's instructive to note that, for its own
>purposes, this particular example app uses the IoC-ish configuration
>support that JSF already provides (via managed beans) to wire together
>the business logic and DAO instances.
>If the logic were any more complicated than the current example (and
>other use cases certainly will be), using a chain to assemble your
>tier-crossing (or even the processing within a tier) seems to make a
>lot of sense.
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