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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: 1.3 and ActionForm
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2005 17:27:03 GMT
One way to look at the whole Struts vs. JSF issue is to think about it
in terms of architecture and maintenance.  There are a lot of JSF
features that one could easily respond to by saying "Yes, well Struts
has that too."  This was my first reaction and the brand new stuff
will obviously draw the most initial interest.

As Craig has pointed out in the last post there are lots of
similarities.  Even though there are some cases where JSF features are
similar, I have found that they are often implemented in a superior
fashion.  No suprise here as the JSF group was able to draw on lessons
learned from Struts (and other frameworks.)

One new feature that I love is the value change event.  This was
something that I really needed in my struts apps.  When writing a
webapp that is more "app" than "web" you're not just filling out forms
and updating shopping carts.  Sometimes you'd really like to know when
field x has changed.  In Struts I had to basically had to stored
cloned copies of my beans in the form because I wanted to know which
fields had changed and what the previous and new values were.

Now in JSF, you just have to use the value change event.  No more
implementing cloneable for every freakin bean (and member bean.)  Nice
elegant solution.  The more stuff in JSF that I find like this, the
closer I move towards implementing the next app w/faces (or Shale)
instead of Struts.

Anyways, that's just another way of looking at it.


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