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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: "Use Cases" Example Webapp for the Shale proposal
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 21:35:51 GMT
> Even if that happens, there will clearly be a transition period for
> existing applications.  And I will be happy to support transition
> users, with the Struts-Faces Integration Library.  But, from what I
> have seen in the market, Struts is becoming increasingly less relevant
> for new application development.  JSF is only going to accelerate that
> trend -- but it was there already.  Anyone who ignores what is
> happening already is acting like an ostrich.

I think this will take some time but I agree that it will happen.  Not
everyone will embrace the change right away (or ever) but that is for
each developer to decide.

Craig's postings (and the resulting debates) have helped me to realize
just how mature of a technology Struts is becoming.  "Mature" doesn't
mean useless but it does mean not much room to grow.  Craig's ideas
might be a little ahead of the game for some of us, but we shouldn't
be discouraging attempts to think beyond what we are comfortable with.

Keep up the innovation.  I would try and contribute more but right now
I am having trouble keeping up with you!

> Craig


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