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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: Coupling, Struts and JSF
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 15:44:11 GMT
> A use case is:
> - Two struts actions (say CreateAction and EditAction call the same jsp
> to view the result (say result.jsp).
> - This result.jsp needs some setup (eg. a list of items for a selection
> box).
> - The natural way to populate such a list in struts, is in the action.
> - To prevent having the logic to populate the list both in CreateAction
> and in EditAction,
>  some users create a new ResultAction, where they do the view
> preparation.
> - Then they chain the action (this is controversal stuff):
>  . In CreateAction they do creation logic, and than forward to
> ResultAction.
>  . In EditAction they do edit logic, and than forward to ResultAction.
> As discussed in bug 16107:

I guess JSF deals with this by having a single jsf page that has a
single "backing bean" to populate itself.  Right?

I suppose one implication of this is that the logic necessary to
"populate" a page is coupled with the page itself (or at least the
choice of logic).  There's probably not really a way to avoid this.  I
guess Struts really does this too but the binding takes place in
struts-config.xml.  The more that I think about it, it's easier to
find the logic in the page itself instead of hunting around
struts-config looking for it. :-)
> Regards, Jan


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