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From Don Brown <>
Subject Re: DispatchChainAction (Struts 1.3)
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2004 19:04:05 GMT
You raise a good point.  Unfortunately, only one parameter can be passed 
through ActionMapping.  DispatchChainAction really needs an 
"allowedCommands" parameter to specify what commands would be allowed. 
Perhaps we could use the new set/getProperty methods available in 
ActionConfig where allowedCommands could be specified.


Benedict, Paul C wrote:
> I noticed in Struts 1.3 there is a DispatchChainAction, and the parameter
> attribute specifies the name of the chain to execute. Would somebody
> consider that a security hole? It seems like anyone could arbitrarily
> execute any chain command in the entire Struts app if they knew it -- unlike
> a normal DispatchAction whose parameter is only relevant for that Action
> class.
> Also, I hope there will be a MappingDispatchChainAction too. The
> MappingDispatchAction is, in my opinion, the absolute best feature of Struts
> 1.2 and secures the internals of the app better (i.e., not exposing method
> names to the world). However, it seems that it would be impossible to
> implement (currently) since the parameter attribute is already in use for
> the chain command.
> Thanks,
> Paul
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