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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: Chain enhancement idea
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 04:17:02 GMT
Is your implementation of Agility something you could share with us, BaTien?


On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 12:23:39 -0700, BaTien Duong wrote:
> Here is how based on my working prototype:
> Using commons-chain Agility, i build a request/response framework
> for communicating and specialized processing between different
> software layers or containers: web tier with portal container,
> business tier with containers such as authentication/authorization,
> portlets, services, etc. Each container is a singleton catalog to
> provide its specialized action commands. Each specialized thread-
> safe command just extends its base and override the handle(request)
> method similar to Struts actionCommand. Spring IoC is used to
> instantiate and configure application singletons (such as catalog)
> with default attributes, while CoR commands are instantiated only
> when needed and will be removed from its catalog if not used by a
> specified time.


> In the above framework, i use Jsf+Tile as a view controller. A page
> is submitted directly to Jsf which is routed to a tile definition
> via MyFaces. I intent to use Shale as the application controller
> when shale has a custom ViewHandler to handle tiles. Currently, i
> use shale as a single servlet filter to wrap all application
> filters.
> User action event is handled by Jsf actionListener that passes user
> and hidden inputs (which include not only the requested action but
> also the catalog of the action and other properties) to the
> processUserAction(passedString) of an adapter. It receives the
> request outcome and set the outcome for Jsf navigation.
> Under this framework, chain catalog is the front controller of its
> specialized container, whose commands are very similar to struts
> actionCommand which must be done in thread safe. Since a chain is
> also a command, we can later drill down to a more elaborate process
> driven by business. The framework is very neat and flexible. That
> may be the reason why Ted calls his little framework Agility.
> BaTien

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