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From Michael McGrady <>
Subject Re: Struts Bloat: Framework
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2004 03:02:25 GMT
Rick Reumann wrote:

> Michael McGrady wrote the following on 9/20/2004 7:52 PM:
> > I have a real concern that Struts is going to continue to be bloated
> > with what are not Struts, not part of the framework, but what are
> > instead really very useful uses of Struts. DispatchAction and its
> > progeny are just one example of this.
> I would disagree with some of this. Since a DispatchAction can't 
> really stand on its own (unlike the commons packages do) I really 
> think it belongs part of Struts. I don't see any reason not to give 
> people the options from within the framework (I no longer like to use 
> DynaForms but I'm not really opposed to them being an option). On top 
> of this, if I was new developer I would be quite frustrated if I had 
> to go find a ton of optional packages just to accomplish some 
> common/useful things. I actually don't really find Struts that 
> bloated. The jar isn't that big, so I'm confused what the concern is? 
> What is it that you find being introduced that is currently bloating 
> struts? Over the past two(maybe more?) years there haven't even been 
> that many 'major' changes to Struts (a nice bunch of improvements but 
> no major bloat that I can see).

I don't know if you really wanted a reply on this, Rick, but my 
reasoning is as follows.  Things like ImageButtonBean are merely one 
solution within the Struts framework to a problem.  There is nothing 
about ImageButtonBean that is tied in any way to Struts.  Since 
DispatchAction extends Action, it is tied to Struts.  This is true of 
all subclasses that use the Action base class.  Once these patterned 
solutions are in the framework, I think they give the impression that 
they /are /in the framework.  But, they aren't.  They are just uses of 
the framework, some more clever and more elegantly considered than others. 

Michael McGrady

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