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From Michael McGrady <>
Subject Re: DispatchAction
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2004 23:40:40 GMT
Tom Drake wrote:

>It appears that what we have are different strategies for determining the
>method name. 

Yes!  *_/The existing classes use DIFFERENT DATA AND DIFFERENT LOGIC to 
get the method name/_*.  The ONLY thing SimpleDispatchAction and the 
present classes have in common is that they do get the method name and 
that they use reflection once they have the method name.  The present 
classes use a combination of a request parameter value from a name/value 
pair with the value of an ActionMapping parameter property to determine 
the method.  SimpleDispatchAction uses neither of these sources and so, 
requires no special coding in struts-config.xml and frees up the related 
values for the name/value pairs in <a href=>, <input type='submit'>, 
<input type='image> and <input type='file> for whatever clever 
machinations we coders can create. 

The SimpleDispatchAction, if it were not for legacy uses, can completely 
replace the three existing dispatch classes.

Enough from me.  I am too noisy.  Right?

Michael McGrady

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