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From Michael McGrady <>
Subject Re: DispatchAction
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2004 19:44:30 GMT
What SimpleDispatchAction does not duplicate is the logic of 
DispatchAction vis-a-vis the view in the MVC.  There is no need at all 
for a getParameter() method in SimpleDispatchAction.  The logic if very 
different.  In essence, DispatchAction substitutes the parameter of 
ActionMapping for the name in submit and adds the value of name to the 
parameter in ActionMapping.  SimpleDispatchAction avoids all of this by 
strip mining the name in submit, image, file, link, etc. and leaving the 
value in the request parameter and the value of the parameter in the 
MappingAction to be whatever you want. 

I think myself that some of these classes are just good ideas and really 
should not be in the Struts application.  If you start putting these in 
you will just, I think, bloat Struts unnecessarily.  If someone wants 
these, they should be available on the wiki or whatever.  However, if 
you think they should go into the Struts application itself, then I 
don't think the suggestion really works.  You simply have way too much 
baggage in DispatchAction for SimpleDispatchAction.  If you wanted to 
refactor by reversing the situation and making SimpleDispatchAction the 
superclass, that, I think, works better.  But the actual use of these 
two classes is so radically different I actually think separating them 
entirely would be the best bet.  The only thing they have in comom is 
the use of the reflection really.  That is not much in common.  They do 
meet similar needs but in radically different ways.

Michael McGrady

Hubert Rabago wrote:

>I was actually thinking of playing around with this idea, so that the
>way the method is determined is refactored out, similar to how you
>(Niall) changed ValidatorActionForm.
>Specifically, I'm interested in figuring out if we can refactor it in
>such a way that it becomes useful to other Action hierarchies.  One of
>the issues with using an app-specific base class is that they lose the
>functionality provided by the Action subclasses that comes with
>Struts.  If we can move this code outside of the *DispatchAction
>classes, app-specific base classes can take advantage of these
>features as well.
>On Thu, 16 Sep 2004 18:05:46 -0000,
><> wrote:
>>  Date: 2004-09-16T11:05:45
>>  Editor: NiallPemberton <>
>>  Wiki: Apache Struts Wiki
>>  Page: StrutsCatalogSimpleDispatchAction
>>  URL:
>>  no comment
>>Change Log:
>>@@ -179,5 +179,47 @@
>>'''Michael !McGrady'''
>>+Seems to me that most of the SimpleDispatchAction duplicates whats already in the
DispatchAction class. If we re-factored DispatchAction so that the parameter retrieval was
moved into a new getParameter() method then all that would be needed to achieve what you want
is a flavour that overrides the getParameter()/getMethodName() methods.
>>+Something along the lines of ...
>>+public abstract class SimpleDispatchAction extends DispatchAction {
>>+  protected String getParameter(ActionMapping mapping,
>>+                                ActionForm form,
>>+                                HttpServletRequest request,
>>+                                HttpServletResponse response) {
>>+    return mapping.getParameter();
>>+  }
>>+  protected String getMethodName(ActionMapping mapping,
>>+                                 ActionForm form,
>>+                                 HttpServletRequest request,
>>+                                 HttpServletResponse response,
>>+                                 String parameter) {
>>+    if((parameter != null) && (parameter.endsWith(".x"))) {
>>+      methodName = parameter.substring(0,parameter.indexOf('.'));
>>+    } else {
>>+      Enumeration enum = request.getParameterNames();
>>+      while(enum.hasMoreElements()) {
>>+        buttonValue = (String)enum.nextElement();
>>+        if(buttonValue.endsWith(".x")) {
>>+          methodName = buttonValue.substring(0,buttonValue.indexOf(".x"));
>>+        }
>>+      }
>>+    }
>>+    return methodName;
>>+  }
>>+'''Niall Pemberton'''
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