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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject [Struts-Faces] Enhanced Support for MyFaces
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 18:25:30 GMT
Over the weekend, I enhanced the build infrastructure for the
Struts-Faces Integration Library to make it easy to use either the
JavaServer Face reference implementation from Sun, or MyFaces (1.0.6
or later, with the split JAR files).  This includes copying a trick
from the build script for DBCP such that the servlet context listener
required by MyFaces is installed *only* if you are using that library.

To develop and test against MyFaces instead of the RI:

* Grab the latest (>=20040830) version of the
  Struts-Faces nightly build

* Unpack the distribution, and navigate to the "src" directory.

* Set up a local file in this directory pointing
  at your MyFaces install (plus anything else you need).  For


  (Note -- it's important to define jsf.home because some added
  libraries are needed by MyFaces versus the JSF RI).

Three different webapps can be created and deployed with this build script:

* Standard Struts example converted to use JSF but no Tilescraig

  ant example.install

* Standard Struts example converted to use JSF, but with Tiles

  ant example2.install

* System integration test webapp

  ant systest.install

To execute the system integration tests (which use HtmlUnit to perform
web requests and evaluate the result:

  ant sysclient.execute

Currently, I've logged three bugs in the MyFaces issue tracker that
prevent these webapps from running correctly (1018239, 1019218,
1019250).  But, it's now much easier for additional folks to help test
this combination -- to improve both the Struts-Faces integration
library and the MyFaces implementation (which is entering the Apache
incubator process).

Craig McClanahan

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