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From Michael Rasmussen <>
Subject Re: Re: [VOTE] Move minimum to 2.3 (was Re: Changing how CommonsMultipartRequestHandler handles text parameters?)
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 14:39:33 GMT
I know this is somewhat off topic, but if there is going to be a
"branch" of struts.  I would like to see struts-faces branched with
it.  Last I remember (and this was a couple months ago) faces would
not build against the nightly of struts.  It had to do with validator
dependencies I think, but it wouldn't build.  I'm pretty sure this
hasn't changed.  I know struts-faces is Craig's baby, and he seems
reluctant to branch it, but it does live in struts-contrib and as such
I think it should keep up with struts.  I know that one of the things
currently turning me away from struts-faces is that there it not
working with the latest struts code.

On Mon, 30 Aug 2004 07:48:41 -0500, Joe Germuska <> wrote:
> I agree that it's time to move forward, although I'm interested in
> maintaining backwards support.
> I propose that we add a branching tag at the same spot as
> STRUTS_1_2_2 (perhaps STRUTS_1_2_BRANCH).  This provides a clear line
> of succession for Struts with a baseline of Servlet 2.2
> We could nominally change the Struts version to 1.3.0 dev while we
> settle into using the new spec and seeing what we do with it.  I
> suppose we could just as well change it to 2.0-dev, but I feel like
> that should wait until we have more substantial changes taking shape.
> Should we debate whether we should move straight to 2.4?  I'm of
> mixed mind on that.
> +1 for moving to at least Servlet 2.3
> Joe
> At 7:49 AM -0400 8/30/04, James Mitchell wrote:
> >Do you mean that we move the current code (1.2.x,  after 1.2.2 release) to
> >2.3?  (as in right
> >Or do you mean we start down the 2.x path?
> >
> >That's an interesting issue.  On one hand, I feel that we should support
> >existing users that happen to be stuck on old technology, but on the other
> >hand, I wish we could take advantage of some of the cool new stuff that has
> >come out recently.  I'm wondering how much of the decline in participation
> >is due to the fact that most of us are on 2.3 (or even 2.4) and don't care
> >to support older technology.  I mean, personally, my itches to scratch are
> >in the 2.4 arena.
> >
> >Perhaps because I do not fall in the "stuck" category, here's my +1.
> -- 
> Joe Germuska
> "In fact, when I die, if I don't hear 'A Love Supreme,' I'll turn
> back; I'll know I'm in the wrong place."
>    - Carlos Santana
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