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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: Opening Salvo 'n CVS
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2004 18:53:51 GMT
I don't use JCVS, but I'm wondering if you should remove the path 
segment from your "CVS Server" configuration.  That is, change

 From the error message, I'm assuming that it is trying to use your 
whole "CVS Server" setting as a domain name, which it isn't.


At 6:18 AM -0700 7/5/04, Michael McGrady wrote:
>I am attempting to download struts cvs with jcvs ii.  I am a new 
>user of CVS.  I am essentially a coder and have not master the finer 
>arts of administrating these jobbers.  Guess it is time I learned, 
>so here goes.
>I am getting the following error:
>   The CVS Request failed.
>   Failed to open socket to connect to cvs server 
>   could not create INETD connection for 
>'' --> 
>   could not create INETD connection for 
>'' --> 
>   ** The command completed with an error status
>I have used the PServer option and have the username as anoncvs.  My 
>CVS Modules is "checkout".  My CVS Server is 
>"".  My CVS Repository is 
>"/home/cvspublic".  My Checkout Directory is "jakarta-struts".  And 
>my arguments is "-d".
>Then I click "Checkout Module" and get the error.  Any ideas?
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Joe Germuska       
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    - Carlos Santana

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