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From "Martin Cooper" <>
Subject RE: CVS and Build: CVS "related" question
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 14:56:01 GMT

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> From: Michael McGrady []
> Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2004 7:43 AM
> To: Struts Developers List
> Subject: Re: CVS and Build: CVS "related" question
> Thanks for the quick turnaround, James.
> I like TextPad too.  I also have a license.  I have had that license for
> about 5 years now and it was one of my best investments.  Good
> people there
> as well.  Friendly and helpful every time I lose my license.  ///;-)
> I think my question was not clear.  I have ant ready to go and have no
> difficulties compiling with ant.  What I am not sure about is how
> to treat
> the code in the WinCVS repository.  Let me expand.  This is probably so
> automatic to you that you don't even see what I need to know as a
> question.
> Inside WinCVS I have a folder/directory called "jakarta-struts".  What I
> want to know is whether I should move this folder elsewhere to build
> Struts, because this would be an odd place to have the code
> compiled.  For
> example, should I copy this folder to c:\?  Maybe I made a mistake having
> the repository inside WinCVS?

You don't need to copy / move the source tree anywhere - you can build it
right where it is.

>From what you describe, I assume that you've created your source tree inside
your WinCVS installation directory. While that's not really recommended, it
doesn't matter all that much. It's more a matter of taste as far as keeping
your programs separate from your data.

If you don't like it where it is, of course, you can always blow away what
you have (or not) and check out another tree. Just FYI, I have my Struts
code in c:/src/apache/jakarta-struts (the 'jakarta' part being there just
because that's still where the repo is ;).

Martin Cooper

> Thanks.
> Michael
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