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From Michael McGrady <>
Subject Re: thoughts on encouraging user development
Date Sun, 04 Jul 2004 18:46:28 GMT
This was one of the more helpful posts in this regard in a long 
time.  Thanks Ted.

 From the point of view of someone who regularly adds code to the struts 
framework on my own site but whom never really offers that code to the 
community, EXCEPT VIA THE struts WIKI (for reasons explained here before), 
it might be helpful if someone with perspective on the struts "project" 
indicated in clear terms what would be helpful.  I can tell you that I 
personally don't have a clue, even though I am daily in contact with all 
the idea emanating out of struts.  I think I have a sufficient 
understanding of struts to write the platform from scratch.  But, I don't 
have the time to burrow through the administrative details to get involved 
seriously in the community.  This is especially so if contributions are 
going to just sit without review for an indeterminate period.  I think 
everyone likes to think that there work is going to at least have a chance 
at making a difference.

This is not written in despair.  I can tell that struts is doing just 
fine.  Great in fact.  Love it.  Just some thoughts if anyone cares about 
this perspective.


At 11:10 AM 7/4/2004, you wrote:
>One of the best posts I've read on contributing to open source is one that 
>Craig made some time ago to the Tomcat list.
>In this post, Craig describes how committers evolve from users. As people 
>use use Struts, and find ways to improve it, they can contribute their 
>improvements back to the community. There are several ways to make 
>contibutions. Many people setup their own site, other join the SourceForge 
>Struts site (, and some make contributions to the 
>main distribution.
>Because we consider contributing an extension of using, the "How to 
>contribute" material is part of the Using page.
>If anyone gets the sense that we aren't pushing hard for contributions, it 
>might be because we are already backlogged. There are 262 outstanding 
>enhancement tickets, 29 with patches.  So many that I despair at ever 
>reviewing them all. I'm sure that many are duplicates, overlapping, or 
>obsolete, but what Apache hours I have available need to be spent 
>elsewhere right now. :(
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