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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Re: Struts-faces
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 06:49:48 GMT
Matthias Wessendorf wrote:

>>In principle, this makes perfect sense.  It'll be easy if 
>>you've split 
>>the MyFaces jars into api and impl classes (like the RI 
>>does), because 
>>then it's just a matter of setting up your own 
>> file and 
>>defining "jsf-api.jar" and "jsf-impl.jar" appropriately.
>no, not now. but i mean also the use of myfaces
>in the examples. so it would be much easier
>for users, since JSF (myfaces) is delivered directly
>for running the WAR-files.
I'm perfectly happy to make using MyFaces configurable easily in our 
build scripts.

But I'm -1 on including MyFaces in any Struts distribution until it has 
passed the TCK tests to certify that it is a compatible implementation 
of JavaServer Faces.  Assistance in making that happen is one of the 
benefits you'll get by becoming an Apache project (once MyFaces passes 
through the incubation process), because Apache already has access to 
all the relevant TCK tests without having to apply for the scholarship 
that is available for non-profit orgs.

But, until it does, it would be a disservice to Struts users to package 
something that represents itself as being JSF when it hasn't been proven 
to be so.

Regarding the split of JARs, I would recommend you do that 
(javax.faces.* versus everything else) if you have not done so yet.  The 
primary benefit is that users of MyFaces will only need the API jar in 
their compile time classpath, and will therefore not be tempted to 
program directly to the implementation classes and therefore lock 
themselves in to MyFaces (instead of being portable to anyone's JSF 

You'll need to include both the API and IMPL jars in a webapp, of 
course, but that's already taken care of by the build scripts for the 
struts-faces examples (assuming you configure the properties correctly).



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