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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: Struts 1.2.1 release? - patches take-up
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 17:17:36 GMT
On Thu, 08 Jul 2004 09:42:53 -0700, KUROSAKA Teruhiko wrote:
> Here's a problem I see in this process....

The problem is that none of us have several hours a week to devote to Struts development right
now. On a regular basis, I can schedule two hours a week, but, with everything else on my
plate, that's all I can afford. :(

If I see someone who's been with us for a while, and is taking an interest in DEV issues,
then they get nominated fairly quickly. Niall was our most recent vic^G^G^G volunteer. :)
But qualified candidates are few and far between. 

Something people have been telling us very loudly and very clearly on this list is that Struts
is too difficult to build. The professional developers who can help us most aretoo busy to
learn the idiosyncrasies of our build process.Toward that end, there is now a simplified
template ( which busy people might find easier to use. 

I believe completing the work on our Maven build will also help, since more and more professional
teams are using Maven now. But to do Maven right, we need to standardize the build tree, which
is on the agenda for 1.3.x. 

So, the best way to move this process along is to play test the 1.2.1 release hard against
your own apps, and tell us what you find. The sooner 1.2.x is stable, the sooner we can move
on (as Martin said) "to bigger and better things".


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