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From "Andrew Hill" <>
Subject RE: Struts Web Services Enablement Project
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2004 12:14:12 GMT
I can see a use for this in what Im doing! :-)

Im busy writing (in what little spare time I have!) a multiplayer strategy
game - using Struts of course, and while its cool having it go through a
browser interface, being able to do a richer UI in Swing (or whatever) for
those players willing to download such a thing (or even write one
themselves!) would be cool, and of course web services would be the way to
do it. If I could just dump in your request processor and immediately have
the web services running, that would be very nice indeed. In this case the
'use cases' of the actions would mostly match what Id like a richer client
to be able to do too.

As for what Ted said about using the chain, that would be a good thing to
follow up. My apps generally tend to have a customised request processor and
Struts 1.1 doesnt let you have multiple RPs, but using the chain will make
it a lot easier to integrate 3rd party request processing logics without
having to do too much extra work. :-)

btw: does your thing generate the wsdl files?
That would be really neat. I could whack em straight into Axis and bang up a
swing client extra fast then!

-----Original Message-----
From: Ted Husted []
Sent: Friday, 4 June 2004 19:57
To: Struts Developers List
Subject: Re: Struts Web Services Enablement Project

Yes, you did the right thing. You cobbled up enough code to prove the
concept and brought it out to show before it was too late to go another way.

I've an interest in Web Services, so I'll be taking a closer look at this.
But here are some superficial points:

* Please consider putting the code under Apache License 2.0
<>. I

* It's true that, in practice, the Struts Actions create a coarsely-grained
business API. But, attaching the moniker "business logic" to Actions will
start theological discussions. It's true that if an Action is factored
properly, it would be easy to recreate as some web service class. It's also
true that exposing existing Actions as Web Services, would be valuable to a
lot of people. So, keep the idea but drop references to "business logic"
from the documentation. An Action is what an Action is :)

* Working at the RequestProcessor level seems like the right approach to me,
but you'll want to take a look at the Struts-Chain RequestProcessor in
Contrib. It's based on the Commons Chain package and is slated to become the
default RequestProcessor in the Struts 1.3.x series.



I'll take a closer look at the code tonight, but wanted to get these
preliminary points off to you.


On Thu, 03 Jun 2004 15:46:23 -0400, Frank Zammetti wrote:
> Hello devs!  This is my first time posting here, and my first
> attempt at contributing to an Apache project.  I hope I'm going
> about it properly! :)
> In short, I have a little project going with the stated goal of
> allowing a Struts developer to expose any existing business logic,
> as implemented in Struts Actions and their subordinate helper
> classes, as Web Services, and do this with NO changes required to
> any existing application code, and as little change to Struts
> itself as possible.  Simplicity is the key to this!
> Today I released a second version of this project to the user's
> mailing list, and after some feedback I think it's at a point where
> I'd like to make you all aware of it, and get some higher-level
> feedback.  It's certainly far from complete at this point, but I
> think even now it's in a useful form.
> My hope is that eventually it will be good enough to be included in
> the base Struts distro, but that's obviously a long way off, if
> ever.
> With all that in mind, please at your convenience visit
> There you will find some more detailed technical information and a
> download which contains everything you need, including a simple
> sample webapp demonstrating the whole mess.
> I thank you in advance for any time you spend on this!
> Frank W. Zammetti

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