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From "Frank Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: Struts Web Services Enablement Project
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2004 21:56:50 GMT
I wanted to let everyone know where I think I'm heading in the short-term 
with this project, based on the feedback I've been getting...

First, my basic thinking at this point is that this project can easily 
balloon into a much larger effort, and that's fine with me, but I'd like to 
see it closer to complete in the first approximation I was shooting for 
first.  In other words, I'd like to baby-step this thing before it becomes 
something grander.  To that end, I have the following to-do list, which I'm 
going to try and tackle this weekend:

(1) Allow for multi-level incoming requests, i.e., to mimic multi-select 
drop-downs on a form.  My belief is that I only need to think about one 
level beyond a root's child, I think that will suffice.

(2) Refactor the RequestProcessor code using the new chain processing 
facility.  I have to look into this, but it doesn't seem like an 
Earth-shattering change.

(3) Add an Ant build script.  I don't personally use Ant, but I know many 
people do, and I certainly have no objection to this.  I may even come to 
like Ant once I play with it a bit!

(4) Add at least a LITTLE better error handling and logging.  This to me is 
a low-priority item at the moment, but it has to get done eventually, so I'm 
going to try and start now.

Those changes, and any other minor things I think of, will result in a .03 
release, hopefully Monday or Tuesday or next week.  This will more or less 
fulfill all the functionality goals I had when I started, so after that I 
can start moving onto the things I didn't think of before, and the things 
that were suggested by people on this list.

After that, I'm thinking that a .04 release maybe a week later seems 
reasonable, and with that my main goal is implementing the pre- and 
post-transformations suggested here.  I haven't thought this through yet 
entirely, but what I think this amounts to is not much more than adding an 
xslt-in and xslt-out attributes to the mappings in webservices-config.xml 
that, if present will trigger processing of the incoming and outgoing XML 
via these transformations.  The incoming side of things seems relatively 
straight-forward to me, but the outbound side I can't see as clearly right 
now because as it currently stands, a JSP renders the XML, so how can I run 
the resultant XML through an XSL transformation and return the result to the 
client?  One possibility is a new class that would create the XML and THEN 
run it through the transformation.  In addition to that, I would probably 
add an attribute to the <service> mappings that would specify whether a JSP 
is going to render the output, or it will be the result of a transformation. 
  This is just rough thinking at the moment, at least as far as the outbound 
side goes.

So, that's where I am at the moment.  Have a good weekend everyone!


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