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From Deryl Seale <>
Subject Integrating StrutsTestCase into Struts codeline
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 17:25:58 GMT
Hello, all.   My name is Deryl Seale, and I am the maintainer of the 
StrutsTestCase library.  Some time ago, Ted Husted contacted me about 
integrating StrutsTestCase into the Struts codeline, effectively making 
it a part of the Struts offering.  I've seen this idea crop up a bit 
more on this list, and as well, I think it would benefit StrutsTestCase 
by opening it up to a larger body of developers.  To that end, I 
thought I would broach the topic, and get your collective thoughts on 
how best to pull in the StrutsTestCase code.

I've spent a good amount of time during the past year keeping apace 
with Struts development, since StrutsTestCase needs to know about the 
Struts internals to do its job.  The major part of STC is verifying 
that an Action returns an expected forward, which right now comes down 
to comparing an expected to the actual forward path, *not* the forward 
name.  A bulk of the STC code contains contrivances to get this 
information, and it works well.. to a point.  Extensions such as Tiles 
pose a problem, however, since the path that is forwarded can be the 
same for many tiles, and so path comparison breaks down.

What I really need is some way to get the forward just as it's returned 
from the Action, and the RequestProcessor seems to be the answer.  In 
fact, I've built a prototype where I "inject" my own RequestProcessor 
into Struts, and in doing so, I can grab the forward and use it for 
validation, which is much more robust than path comparison; as well, it 
cuts out about half of the STC code base, which is swell.  
Unfortunately, that approach only works if no other RequestProcessor is 
used, since chaining of RequestProcessor objects is not currently 
supported (which I know is a hot topic right now) -- and that is not 
feasible for most Struts projects.

So, anyway, that's where StrutsTestCase is right now, and I'd like to 
get to the point where I can more reliably get inside Struts to get the 
validation information I need.   I like the idea of using 
RequestProcessor, but there are obviously large architectural changes 
required for that be a real solution.  If there are other ways to 
attack this problem, then I'd like to hear about them.  And finally, 
I'd like to hear your thoughts and suggestions for getting 
StrutsTestCase to be a part of Struts.


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