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From "James Holmes" <>
Subject RE: Struts-faces examples work for me
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 16:54:16 GMT
Yep, you are experiencing exactly what I experienced yesterday.  Basically
the problem with the base tag (from what I can tell) is that it is rendering
an invalid value.  I'm not sure where it gets its value from.  If you look
at the code in the BaseRenderer class it should only be outputting the
"href" attribute if one was specified on the <s:base> tag.  However, it
appears that the "href" attribute is getting outputted regardless.


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From: Michael Rasmussen [] 
Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2004 11:34 AM
Subject: Struts-faces examples work for me

I removed all the <s:base> tags from the example app.  It works.  I even get

the stylesheets to display correctly.  Man that is one ugly stylesheet.  
Anyway, this seems to have solved the immediate problem.  however, there is 
the bigger problem of the s:base tag not working.  Anyone know the solution?

  Essentially the url is left off for the base tag.

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