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From Ted Husted <>
Subject RE: Splitting struts-config into multiple jar and read them as reso urce stream
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 00:53:33 GMT
On Thu, 01 Apr 2004 22:48:03 -0800, Martin Cooper wrote:
> Let me throw out a few thoughts on this thread, and modules in
> general, as I try to catch up. (I'm still in this seemingly-
> perpetual state of not having the time to fully expound on my
> thoughts on future enhancements to modules, darn it! ;)

Another thing to think about is that we also want to position ourselves to support JAR 168
portlets before long. 

Is there going to be a relationship between portlets and modules? Are we going to be able
to use modules as portlets? Or are we going to be able to have modules within portlets?

> 4) As I've mentioned before (in this same thread, I think), I
> believe we need to factor out the configuration code and make it
> pluggable. Going forward, the Struts Core should rely on certain
> configuration objects being defined, without caring about how they
> got there. The default config reader, obviously, would do what we
> do today, but we should make it easy to provide an alternate config
> reader that might do its thing in an entirely different manner.
> (I'm sure the IoC fans out there will have something to say on this
> topic. ;)


I haven't looked at Joe's code yet, but it would be very helpful if we could manufacture configurations
in a testing environment, without having to read them in from an XML file. Once we have contexts
in the signatures, it will be easy to test the core components independently. 


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