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From Vic Cekvenich <>
Subject Re: OT: Struts JSR?
Date Sat, 20 Mar 2004 15:55:38 GMT
Lets take the leads of Sun, JCP and Jakarta  at their word, for a 
second.... and then add my .02: If JSF is positioned as better than 
Struts (or Spring or WebWork etc.) then I personally would rather use 
other platforms entirely.... and I am on my way moving in that direction 
for a few months now, porting bP, etc.


Nadeem Bitar wrote:
> Since there is an overlap between struts and jsf, I highly doubt that
> Struts would be accepted as a JSR. 
> I already expressed similar concerns regarding struts being replaced by
> JSF. I believe the open source community works faster than JCP and if
> struts want to be remain competitive and still be considered the defacto
> java web application framework, the struts developers need to address
> the concerns raised with the current struts architecture and deliver the
> next generation application framework that would silence struts
> critiques and improve productivity of struts developers.
> Struts 2.0 roadmap already have very good points but the timeframe of
> the availability would be critical for the future of struts.
> If for example JSF 2.0 is available, and Spring Framework is well
> integrated with JSF before Struts 2.0 is available, I strongly believe
> that struts won't have a place and would lose market shares. 
> Spring 1.1 would offer amazing enhancement (JMX managed beans. JMS
> support, Command framework, Swing support for rich clients..) and an
> excellent architecture to build complex applications, combining that
> with JSF component model would offer a very strong framework that's hard
> to match. 
> On Fri, 2004-03-19 at 21:14 -0500, Thomas L Roche wrote:
>>David Geary spoke on JSF at M 15 Mar 04. My notes of 
>>his remarks include
>>- Is JSF a replacement for Struts? Yes!
>>- JSF is a standard. Struts will never be a standard.
>>which I believe to be pretty-nearly-direct quotes. I'm assuming he
>>really meant
>>+ JSF 1.0 can do pretty much everything Struts 1.1 can.
>>+ JSF is a JSR, and Struts will never be a JSR.
>>but I'm wondering about that last statement. What prevents Struts
>>from undergoing the JCP? Are there circumstances under which you
>>might consider this?
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