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From "Peter A. Pilgrim" <>
Subject Re: Struts TLP Sub-projects (RE: Making Struts Build Easier)
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2004 18:29:50 GMT
Ted Husted wrote:
> On Tue, 23 Mar 2004 02:49:44 +0000, Peter A. Pilgrim wrote:
>> Would the same principle work with people who have taken Struts and integrated or
>> as another framework? Having spent some type integrating 1.1 into Expresso Framework
>> 2002, in our case can we be classified as Struts extenders? Also some repository
will not 
>> want to become a sub project of Struts because of logical sense, politics or legal
>> status?
> Something like Expresso is large enough to be a framework in its own right. If the Expresso
> Community ever wanted to apply to Apache for incubation as an ASF project, I'd certainly
> support the idea.
> Or, if there were a coherent subset of Expresso that could be used by Struts developers
as an
> extension, independently of Expresso, that might be something that could live as a Struts
> opt-* modules. Personally, I'd love to see a proposal from Expresso of some helpful code
> they would like to grant to the ASF -- especially if it gave us an excuse to nominate
you as
> a committer, Peter. :)
Not a decision I could make on my own, dear boy. You would have to discuss it with
Expresso repository copyright holders. Just like the advert that ask "please get
permission from the (telephone) bill payer" before calling the premium rate
competition number. My view might be paraphrased as "who ever legally
owns the CVS repository and pays real money annually to host it to world
wide web" has the right to do what they please with the source code base.

As for the framework itself, last year, we were looking at some componentisation
and micro kernel-like idea but some teething problems prevent us in the present
release from dismantling the framework and reassembling it. I suppose any component
that might be presented piece-meal to ASF would be derived from this work.
Hey, who knows? It's always purple hazey out there in the future.

On the other hand. I can certainly see if I can help you personally on Struts 2.0
work in the meantime.

> Of course, it is very true that not every open source project is suited for Apache. There
> a specific Apache culture and management style that doesn't work for everyone. We would
> simply annex a codebase and then redistribute it under the ASL. We consider the community
> behind a codebase to be more important than the code itself. It's the extension's community
> that we would pursue, more than the code itself.


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