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From Martin Cooper <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Struts infrastructure changes
Date Sat, 20 Mar 2004 17:05:02 GMT
The following is a set of proposed changes to the Apache infrastructure to
accommodate the Struts move to an Apache top level project. The idea is to
come up with a single agreed-upon set of changes that we can submit to the
infrastructure folks as a single request, rather than submitting each one
piecemeal. Your feedback is appreciated.

Mailing Lists
  New mail domain:
  The following lists are standard for an Apache TLP:
    cvs@ (usually forwarded to dev@)
  Moderator: Ted Husted (same as today)
  Existing subscribers need to be migrated.
  Old list addresses should be forwarded for some period of time.

Web Site
  New virtual host:
  Redirect from for some period of time.
  Writeable by group: struts (see below)

  New wiki:
  Migrate pages from: StrutsProjectPages on old wiki (nagoya)

Unix Group
  New group: struts
  Members: (Struts PMC members)

Source Control
  Old CVS repo: jakarta-struts
  New CVS repo: struts
  Optional: Move to Subversion (IMO, not now, but we can discuss.)

Bug Database
  Optional: Move to Jira (IMO, now's as good a time as any.)

One other thing is that we'll want to get external mail archivers to
switch to the new mailing lists once those are set up. I'm not clear on
whether the infrastructure folks arrange that or we need to do it
ourselves, but I'll ask when I submit the above.

Anything else I missed? (There are a lot of internal changes we'll want to
make as well, but I'm not trying to address those here.)

Martin Cooper

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